Mark Ortiz - Owner Collins Heating & Cooling Highland Indiana

Introducing Mark Ortiz: A Friendly and Reliable HVAC Expert

Get to know Mark Ortiz, a proud local of Highland, Indiana, and the owner of Collins Heating & Cooling. Mark has always had a passion for helping others and solving problems, which led him to create his own family business in 2005. Let’s take a look at how Mark turned his dream into reality!

The Collins Heating & Cooling Story

Inspired by his son Collin, Mark named his company to reflect his dedication to offering high-quality, honest, and reliable service. Since its founding in 2005, Collins Heating & Cooling has been providing exceptional HVAC services to homes and businesses throughout northwest Indiana. Customers know they can depend on Mark and his team for everything from repairs and maintenance to installations.

Mark’s Educational Journey

Originally aspiring to be a teacher, Mark grew up in Northwest Indiana and eventually realized that teaching wasn’t the right path for him. That’s when he discovered the world of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Intrigued by the field and its potential to help others, Mark pursued an associate’s degree in Industrial Technology from Ivy Tech State College. With his education and extensive experience, Mark has become a trusted HVAC contractor in his community.

Proudly Serving with a Personal Touch

Mark takes great pride in offering dependable service with a personal touch. His customers’ testimonials truly highlight this commitment to quality.

One satisfied customer shared,

“I called on a Sunday afternoon because my furnace stopped working overnight… He came out immediately and fixed the problem quickly without any fuss or drama… I can trust Mark Ortiz to do the job right every time.”

Another customer praised Mark’s professionalism, saying,

“He was prompt and very professional… He took his time making sure everything was done correctly before leaving our home.”

Mark’s passion for helping people and fixing things, combined with his dedication to providing top-notch, reliable services, sets him apart from other HVAC contractors. Through hard work and determination, he has built an outstanding family business that customers can trust.

Mark’s customer-first philosophy is just one reason his business has thrived despite stiff competition. If you’re seeking dependable heating and cooling services in northwest Indiana, look no further than Collins Heating & Cooling!


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