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Mark Ortiz

Mark Ortiz, a local to Highland, Indiana and owner of Collins Heating & Cooling is a master in his craft. With over 15 years of experience and a passion for helping others, Mark has been providing top-quality HVAC services to Northwest Indiana since 2005.

Mark Ortiz is the owner and operator of Collins Heating & Cooling. Mark has always enjoyed helping others and fixing things, so it was no surprise when he decided to start his own family business in 2005. Here’s a closer look at how Mark made his dream a reality!

The Start of Collins Heating & Cooling

Named after his son Collin, Mark wanted the company to reflect his commitment to providing high-quality service with an honest and reliable touch. And since its inception in 2005, Mark has been doing just that—serving homes and businesses throughout northwest Indiana with top-notch service and quality workmanship that can’t be beat. From repairs and maintenance to installations, customers know they can count on Collins Heating & Cooling for all their heating and cooling needs.

Mark’s Education

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, Mark had aspirations of becoming a teacher.  However, he realized teaching was not the right career path for him. It was then that he discovered HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Fascinated by this field of study and its potential to help others, Mark decided to pursue HVAC as his career. He has been passionately working in the HVAC industry since the late 1990s after completing an associate’s degree in Industrial Technology from Ivy Tech State College. With years of experience and knowledge, Mark proudly serves the people of Northwest Indiana as a trusted HVAC contractor.

Mark takes pride in providing dependable service with a personal touch. His customer testimonials reflect this commitment to quality service.

One customer stated “I called on a Sunday afternoon because my furnace stopped working overnight… He came out immediately and fixed the problem quickly without any fuss or drama… I can trust Mark Ortiz to do the job right every time.”


Another customer mentioned that “He was prompt and very professional…He took his time making sure everything was done correctly before leaving our home.”

Mark Ortiz stands out from other HVAC contractors because of his passion for helping people and fixing things combined with his commitment to providing reliable services with a personal touch. Through hard work and dedication, he built up an exceptional family business that offers top-notch services that customers can trust.

His philosophy of putting the customer’s needs first is just one reason why he has managed to sustain his business even in the face of fierce competition. If you’re looking for dependable heating and cooling services in northwest Indiana – look no further than Collins Heating & Cooling!


Call  (219) 924-7423 for your heating or cooling needs.

Mark Ortiz - Owner Collins Heating & Cooling Highland Indiana

Hi, I’m Mark Ortiz, the owner and operator of Collins Heating & Cooling.

I got started in the world of HVAC in the late 1990s. I originally went to school to become a teacher, but soon discovered that this path just wasn’t “me.” I had a passion for fixing things and helping people, which led me to explore HVAC as a career. I graduated from Ivy Tech State College with an associate’s degree in Industrial Technology in 2001.

I’ve worked at all levels of this profession, starting off doing jobs nobody else wanted to take on and gaining some valuable professional and life experience along the way. By the mid-2000s, I was a skilled HVAC contractor capable of taking on all HVAC jobs.

In 2005, my son Collin was born, and I made the decision to launch my own family business. As you can guess, I named the company after my son.

I have built this business on providing high-quality, honest, and reliable service to the local residents and businesses throughout northwest Indiana. When you place a call to Collins Heating & Cooling, you will be speaking to me not an automated service. No matter if you’re a homeowner or business owner, I believe that when you invest in a new AC or furnace unit, you are not only investing in the equipment but also the company that provides that service. I take that trust my customers place in me seriously.

That commitment to my customers has paid off. While many businesses folded or saw big losses during the economic downturn, Collins Heating & Cooling has never had a “down” year. This is because of the focus on our customers and the faith that people have put in our business.

Call me anytime (219) 924-7423 for your heating or cooling needs.

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